High School offers youth an amazing opportunity to spread their wings while still enjoying the security of life at home. As high school students become more independent, our goal is to help them develop strong faith and spiritual practices that will continue with them into adulthood. At James Island Presbyterian, Youth Ministry has three components: Presbyterian Youth Connection, Sunday School and Youth Music. Working together, these ministries enable our youth to participate in worship, Bible study, service, and fellowship with one another and the entire congregation.

High School PYC (Sr. High)

During the Wednesday Night Live semesters, youth in grades 9-12 are invited to join “Senior High PYC” following WNL dinners. Each week, youth will gather from 6:30-7:20 to explore scriptures, play games, and have special projects. In addition to helping them to grow spiritually, the friendships and mentor relationships that are developed within the youth group continue to nurture our youth into adulthood.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes are divided into Confirmation (9th Grade) and “Senior Highs” (10th-12th Grades). Both classes meet upstairs in the Christian Education Building at 10:00 a.m. and are led by a team of dedicated volunteer teachers. During Confirmation, youth learn the basics of the Christian faith and the specifics of what it means to be a part of the Reformed Tradition as a Presbyterian. At the end of the school year, youth are given the opportunity to make a public profession of faith and join the church. Senior High Sunday School combines Bible studies and studies of contemporary issues to help youth see the way following Christ affects every aspect of our lives.

Special Youth and Intergenerational Events

Throughout the year, we host several events and retreats just for Senior High youth along. Youth are invited to join the biennial trip to Merida, Mexico, and they also enjoy the summer rafting trip to Tennessee, Presbytery retreat, an MLK Weekend mission trip, the Run for Niger, camping trips, BBQ Fundraiser, and the Downtown Christmas Shopping Trip. Check out our calendar for what’s coming next in Youth Ministry at JIPC or contact Allison Hubbard, our Director of Discipleship.

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